I don’t hide the fact that I voted for Donald Trump, but he has become an embarrassment to say the least. There are a few former presidents that are mentioned from time to time as being the “worst,” but that will all be surpassed when articles are written on Trump.

Every time he opens his mouth, his foot gets stuck in it. Then he shoots himself in the other foot. There is no way he will get a second term at the rate he is going. As a matter of fact, he will be lucky to finish the first without getting impeached or ousted some other way.

When have we ever seen a president argue with and fire so many of his own team? He just thinks he can run the country by himself with no help and that just can’t be done.

And somebody please take his phone away from him and cancel his Twitter account — he is making himself look foolish.

Dominick Rinaldi Sr.


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