AUBURN — Adam Lee has requested a recount of the results of Tuesday’s mayoral election.

After taking Wednesday to mull the decision, he said in a statement Thursday morning that he’s heard from dozens of supporters urging him to make the request.

Election night results showed Lee lost to Jason Levesque by six votes: 3,623 to 3,617. In Maine, a candidate has five business days to submit a written request for a recount.

“Over the past two days, I have taken some time to reflect,” Lee said in the statement. “While I value greatly the idea that we as a community need to begin healing from the wounds inflicted by this election, the decision whether to request a recount, is not mine alone. I have heard from dozens of supporters, some very close friends and some who only know me from a door knock or a handshake at the polls.

“Their voices are unanimous, the margin of six votes in an election where 7,693 voted is too small to not require some further inspection. Accordingly, I have requested a recount.”

He continued, “If the result is that Jason is the winner, I will do everything he asks me to in order to ensure that he is successful, and that Auburn is prosperous. As I’ve said, my commitment to service is unconditional. No matter the outcome of the recount or in what capacity I can contribute, I’m ready to serve.”

According to state law, once the written recount request is made, “the recount must be held as soon as reasonably possible at a time and place that affords the designated recount candidates a reasonable opportunity to be present.”

Auburn City Clerk Sue Clements-Dallaire said the candidate requesting the recount has to provide representatives to recount ballots, which is held under the supervision of the City Clerk’s Office.

On Wednesday, Levesque said he’s “looking forward to having the results certified, and working with outgoing Mayor LaBonte and the administration on a smooth transition. I am also looking forward to working with Mr. Lee as both an outgoing city councilor and someone that is a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas that can and should be reviewed and in some cases acted upon.”

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