Name: Kris Reynolds

Age: 39

Title: President

Company: Reynolds Custom Woodworks, Winslow

About: Custom kitchen cabinet builder for homeowners and builders


What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Having to wear too many hats — more hats than a normal business owner would wear for this size company. Not only do I manage the day-to-day installs, (but also) site visits, customer relations, marketing, advertising and all the quoting and design work for the kitchens as well. I am pretty good at sorting that all out. I have a good staff here to pick up and step in when I would typically be working on the floor. I spend more time in my chair (in the office) and in the seat of my truck on the shop floor lately. I used to work 10 to 14 hours a day with my hands, and now it’s more like four to five.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

Two things. I used to be a teacher at Erskine Academy. At a parent-teacher conference there was a parent who was a cabinet maker and I said was struggling with the costing thing. He scribbled something down and gave it to his son, who brought it to me. He told me what I should be charging and it was almost double. You have to know your costs and charge accordingly.

I learned a while ago, from my father, that you can’t take every job. I have avoided some big-time problems knowing that.

Well, three things. Not to bite of more than you can chew, financially. I own my equipment and the building. I can keep my overhead costs low.

How do you foster creativity in yourself or your staff?

That’s a tough one. This isn’t rocket science. We’re building boxes that people put boxes in. From that standpoint it’s cut and dried. I can show guys how I would do something. As long as the end result is what I want, I am allowing them to use their own means to get to a common result.

I recently put on an addition to the shop. Basically, it’s a finish space, so I let my finish guy take the ball with that.

What’s your biggest fear?

Having to lay someone off. That’s true failure, right there. It’s the Type A personality thing. I owe these guys their jobs and it would crush me to tell someone I had to let them go. We’re all buddies. It’s an easy place to work. That’s what makes it work — we’re all family.

How do you navigate changing market conditions?

We work all over New England. It’s never 20 minutes to a job site. It’s being aware of what my competition is doing and what my customer wants. If they want painted gray cabinetry, it reflects what’s on HGTV, and I have to have a sample in my shop. I pay attention to what’s on social media, Instagram, Houzz (a website with home design, decorating and remodeling ideas). You have to have those things to keep up with the Joneses.

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