After this devastating storm that required many schools to cancel, I was having a discussion with some friends and we came up with an idea: instead of using storm days, how about having all students do work in each subject to pass in when school resumes?

Each teacher at the beginning of the school year would have contingency plans available for seven days, or whatever amount of storm days their district allocates. Each student and parent/guardian would receive these directives in writing at the beginning of the school year or every quarter, whichever is most conducive to the subject or class. That way, no storm days would have to be made up and all students would have work to do.

For those students that have no access to power, computers, etc., the required work could be done using paper and pencil. No child would be left out from being productive. Various activities could be submitted depending on what each teacher wants his or her students to master during those lost school days.

Students could become very creative, independent thinkers and doers, and be busy being productive. Then parents, administrators and entire districts would not have to giggle school calendars and the school year would just keep going as planned.

Debbie Sherman


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