There is no bottom when it comes to President Donald Trump.

Put aside your hate, your anger, your politics and be human and try to visualize and feel the impact President Trump’s words have on the young, those in need, those who suffer from personal tragedies, and those that have been marginalized.

Instead of rising above, he just drags us down and lashes out. He is a failed human being who has absolutely no contrition towards those who he hurts or offends. In fact, he relishes it. He is a lost soul with no sign of possible redemption.

I would hope that he could change and grow to be human, but clearly that is never going to happen. Into the bottomless pit he dove, and he will never see light again. When given a chance that few other men have been given — the privilege to lead and rise above — he fails completely.

I honestly feel I’ve been the compassionate person that my parents taught me to be, and on an individual level I see in Trump a sad and failed human with no concept of grace. At the same time, he is our president and that should concern all.

Mike Grove


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