As a veteran of the Vietnam War era who served in the Army MP Corps at West Point and in the Middle East, I am honored to be a member of American Legion Post 6 in Hallowell. On a recent Saturday morning, the Boy and Girl Scouts served veterans and their families breakfast at the legion hall, followed by a Veterans Day ceremony in the Hallowell cemetery. The best part was the interaction between these young citizens and the veterans who protected their citizenship. Thank you to the families who participated in this important event.

To help celebrate this monumental day of the year, my family and friends went to dinner at the Black and Tan restaurant in Augusta. Imagine my surprise when after dinner our server said that, as a veteran, my dinner was paid for and that the rest of our table was getting a 10 percent discount.

I am proud to have served our country. I am proud to live in central Maine where in this year of uncertainty and discord, one thing holds true: veterans of all races and religions and the people we serve, all share a common heritage — we are there for each other and always will be.

Phil Lindley