When does a politician become a bad politician in terms of representing the people of Maine? When that politician votes for reduced access to health care, supports a tax bill in Congress so only the wealthy 1 percent in the U.S. get a tax break, and when the environment suffers from neglect because of policies meant to weaken everything previously done.

The politician I speak of is Bruce Poliquin. He has done nothing to oppose bigotry, misogyny, and the unethical and totally un-American policies of Donald Trump. Poliquin has done a less-than-stellar job in Washington. He does not represent the working woman or man. He does not represent anything meant to strengthen family. He doesn’t care how or where you get your health insurance. He cares even less what you say.

So I would like to say to Bruce Poliquin, your days are limited in service to Maine in Washington. His record will vote him right out of office. We will find the best of the best in Maine who will be an activist and stand for what is right in America.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon