I continue to be sickened by the deplorable antics coming from the White House. Anyone who governs by tweeting does not have a true understanding of what the jobs entails. Comments thrown out here and there in the wee hours of the morning do not have the wisdom nor the diplomacy of a stable competent leader.

The president’s slamming-and-damning tactics on every issue is his way of dealing with opposition and loyalty. This type of leadership is a poor alternative to wisdom and intelligence.

The citizens of the U.S. are loyal to the Constitution as was written, and not to him, as he so mistakingly believes.

How many more months have to pass before Congress sets aside the bipartisan bickering and begins to see the obvious harm being done. How much longer can this continue? Three more years?

Anyone who is in the driver’s seat with an insatiable ego, such as he has, is on a collision course with failure. Everything that is the foundation of what makes this country flourish is at stake.

Wake up, America. The foundation as we know it is crumbling.

Peg Beedy