The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office got the men they were looking for in connection with a car crash in Naples, but unlike in most cases they investigate, these guys will be applauded rather than handcuffed.

Captain Scott Stewart said Kenneth and Joseph Carruthers were the two men who rescued 25-year-old Alicia Szostak-White of Windham by pulling her from the wreckage of her burning SUV in Naples early Tuesday morning.

The father and son live at 677 Harrison Road in Naples, next door to Darlene Lord, who called 911 to report the crash, which took place around 12:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Mary Carruthers said she was asleep when she heard the crash near the home she shares with her son and grandson.

She called out for them to go see what had happened, Mary Carruthers said, and the two rushed out of the house.

“Kenneth (the father) and Joseph both heard the crash and immediately went out as it was nearly in their front yard. Kenneth procured a fire extinguisher from a neighbor, who had brought it to the scene and provided cover to Joseph (his son) who climbed in the rear seat and either unhooked or cut the woman’s seat belt and pulled her from the vehicle,” Stewart said.

Szostak-White was placed in Irvin Ward’s vehicle – he helped the men get her out of the burning vehicle – until an ambulance arrived.

“Joseph and Kenneth went home when they knew the woman was in good hands,” Stewart said.

After the crash, the sheriff’s office tried to locate the father and son so that they could be recognized for their bravery. Stewart said he was contacted by email late Tuesday evening and once he verified that the father and son rescued Szostak-White, he made their names public.

Mary Carruthers said the stretch of road near her house is dangerous, with a looping curve on a hilly stretch of road.

Kenneth and Joseph Carruthers were at work Thursday, Mary Carruthers said, and couldn’t be contacted for comment.

Szostak-White was treated at Mercy Hospital and released.

Staff Writer Edward D. Murphy contributed to this report.

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