Maine’s two senators reached radically different views on the recent tax giveaway bill voted on in the Senate. Angus King sees the bill as “simply a vehicle for deficit-financed tax cuts that disproportionately benefit corporations and higher-income taxpayers that will hurt Maine and the country.” Susan Collins tells us that she sees it differently.

King had no partisan reason to oppose this bill. He called it like it is. King wrote, “The fact that the tax bill will increase the national debt by at least $1.5 trillion is not just, worrisome — it is frightening. When the federal deficit balloons, both discretionary and mandatory programs could be threatened with spending cuts. Future generations could be on the hook as well. As I wrote in a recent op-ed, I’m all for tax reform, but this isn’t it.”

He went on to write, “The non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation confirm that beginning in 2027, most families earning under $75,000 annually would face higher taxes under the Senate tax package.”

Collins voted for this frightening piece of legislation.

It can only be concluded that while King stood up for the interests of Maine people with his vote and vocal opposition to the tax giveaway bill, Collins did the opposite and chose instead to champion the interests of the Trump administration, the Republican Congress and their wealthy corporate sponsors.

Collins did not stand up for the interests of Maine people with her vote. Rep. Bruce Poliquin did the same as he voted for the House version of this same budget-busting bill. I urge Maine people to work to overturn this tax giveaway to wealthy individuals and corporations at the expense of everyone else.

Edward Ferreira

New Sharon