I had a dream last night that Sen. Susan Collins came up with a great idea. Instead of giving 70 percent of a huge tax cut to the wealthiest 1 percent, we should use that trillion dollars to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Corporations aren’t going to create jobs unless there’s a demand for what they are selling and they will use the tax cuts for higher dividends for their stockholders and even higher salaries for their CEOs (who already are making an obscene $10 million-$20 million a year each).

In the dream, she said just think of the hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs we would be sure to have rebuilding our country. If we are going to borrow from China, let’s do it for the good of our people and country.

I woke up with a great feeling of relief and thankful and proud of our senator for doing what’s right for the people of Maine and our country. I hope it wasn’t just a dream.

Gloria Fleming