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The “holiday season” is in full swing. Black Friday has come and gone. Our newspapers are stuffed with flyers and ads. Front pages provide pictures of trees and light displays. Mr. Kringle has arrived in Waterville eager to listen to what all the children want. You cannot find a parking place. Finally, we’re going full steam ahead with our own tree decorating, parties and drinks.

How did we get so driven soon after Thanksgiving? I call myself a Christian, and my religious holiday has been hijacked.

May I remind the media what Christmas was celebrated for — the birth of a boy in Bethlehem. The exact date may be incorrect — our calendar did not exist yet — but history shows that His birth took place about this time of year.

What that baby boy, Jesus, did is what matters. Christians believe that he died on the cross to become our savior. That is why we rejoice at his coming each year at this time. That is our belief; not the secularized, sanitized “holiday season” we’re experiencing now. We are smothered by the politically correct, non-religious hoopla that we find ourselves in. We find it difficult when we see the celebration of his birth being ignored.

Christians also will exchange gifts and eat well — but we will know that Jesus’ birthday is exactly what it is all about.

Merry Christmas to all.

Richard LaPorte


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