a bad deal for Anson

I did not support the town of Anson taking over the Madison Paper sludge landfill for the sum of $2.4 million (”Anson accepts former paper mill’s landfill, $2 million to maintain it,” Dec. 14). I also want to say that as a member of the Anson Madison Sanitary District board of trustees, I am sorry that the town officials were led to believe that our board wanted the money.

The only way I would have accepted this deal/liability for the ratepayers is if the money was high enough to make the landfill as safe as a fluffy bunny. In my opinion the money never was high enough. I do however believe that the sanitary district employees may have been slightly better equipped to take on such an environmental liability.

It is unfortunate that no one recognized this. Shame on the powers that be who made Anson officials feel pressured to act on this deal — you know who you are.

I believe the best option would have been to let Madison Paper keep their liability. If they fell through on the financial responsibility the state would take over the care, maintenance and, God forbid, the clean up of the landfill.

Shame on Madison Paper for leaving such an environmental liability in the hands of poor and desperate small town. Shame on the state for downplaying the risk and allowing this transaction to take place. I hope for all of your sake nothing bad ever comes of this.

Heather Taylor


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