BATH — The City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved – for the second time – borrowing $621,000 for several capital improvement items.

The council previously approved the bond in two separate votes – in May and June – which the City Charter requires of ordinances.

But the city had failed to publish a “notice of final passage” in a newspaper, Finance Director Juli Millett said Dec. 14.

As a result, the final vote had to be taken again.

Publication of the ordinance is required within 10 days of the decision. Only borrowing ordinances require this step, unlike others, Millett said.

“And that was just missed,” she said, and was rectified by Wednesday’s vote.

City staff found the error when preparing the paperwork. The borrowing is due to begin next month, Millett said.

The $621,000 bond, to be used over the next two to 10 years, will finance:

• A fire chief’s vehicle, $10,000.

• A wood chipper for local cemeteries, $16,500.

• A police vehicle, $20,500.

• An ambulance, $185,000.

• A 1-ton truck with a plow for the Recreation Department, $38,000.

• A dump truck for the Public Works Department, $157,500.

• And a public works street sweeper, $193,500.

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