produce weaklings

I was appalled at Bill Nemitz’s column on the puppy party at University of Maine at Farmington, Colby and other Maine colleges (”Cuddling puppies is the wrong lesson for college students,” Dec. 11). Because these young men and women are stressed about final exams, some liberal moon-bat professors and administrators allows them to cuddle puppies to reduce stress.

What they really need is to watch eight hours of World War II movie footage to see what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers were doing at age 17 and 18. They were climbing cliffs at Normandy under machine gun fire and walking in the Bataan Death March harassed and tortured by the Japanese.

Our schools are supposed to make good strong prepared citizens of our sons and daughters, not weaklings. I don’t agree with much that liberal Bill Nemitz has to say, but this was even too wacky for him to swallow.

Larry Davis


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