Social media was lighting up Tuesday night with reports of a meteor seen across the Northeast.

A bright bluish streak creased the sky around 5:52 p.m. Tuesday, caught on the Mount Agamenticus Conservation Program web camera located on Mount Agamenticus in York County.

“Did you see a fireball or meteor just now?” said a tweet from the National Weather Service in Gray that encouraged people who had seen the streak of light to report it on the American Meteor Society website.

In May 2016, a Portland police camera captured a meteor flashing through the sky that seen by many people in southern Maine and prompted many reports to the AMS website.

A meteor is the flash of light emitted by a small chunk of interplanetary debris, or meteoroid, as it burns up while passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, the American Meteor Society says. A meteoroid that survives its passage through the atmosphere and strikes the ground is a meteorite.

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