If asked, I’d consider myself an environmentalist. The natural world means a lot to me and I believe preserving it for generations to come is a cause of great importance. We are nearly a year into the Trump presidency and each time a budget is cut, or preserved lands are at risk, I hear lamented cries from fellow environmentalists. “The planet is doomed,” they exclaim.

Surely, the health of the planet is at risk, with 97 percent of scientists agreeing that climate change is real, and it is caused by humans. Is it doomed? Well, technically, yes. Eventually the sun will die. But, until then there is much that we can do to keep it in tact.

Expecting our government to save us from the threat of climate change seems a bit too optimistic. When I look at our government, I see failed policies (the war on drugs, etc.), inefficiencies, wasted resources, and wasted money. Why wait around for government to make things right? Take matters into your own hands. Stop waiting around for government to do what you can do better.

Reduce your own carbon footprint. Reduce the amount of meat you eat, support local farmers, recycle, compost, plant trees, consider using alternative energy, convert your car to run on vegetable oil, and hold others accountable, as well. Corporations serve you, the consumer. Put your money where your mouth is and only purchase products from companies that care about the planet.

So, before you take to social media to write a diatribe about how our government is destroying the Earth, ask yourself, “Am I truly doing all that I can do to keep this planet healthy?” If not, strive to do more. Be the change you want to see in the world and inspire others to do the same.

Brittney Fairfield


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