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It was with a great deal of interest to me to read quite an article regarding Cianbro Corp.’s intentions to hire so many people (”Cianbro announces plan to hire 300 construction workers,” Dec. 21). Finding and hiring employees is certainly a difficult task these days.

I have attended many business meetings in which this problem has been discussed by all attendees, regardless of type of business. Sheridan has also invested much time, effort and money to try to fill the needs we have for tradesmen, project management positions, and engineers, as well as accounting and administrative positions. We would have enjoyed the advantage of having some free press, as you have provided Cianbro, to advertise our need for help.

Sheridan has been located in central Maine since the 1960s. We have consistently employed people who live in this area as well as other parts of Maine, and have given them not just jobs, but careers. Our philosophy is not to hire personnel for a specific project and then let them go when that project is completed, but to hire people who want a career with us, to have families, to be able to participate in their communities, and to also invest in Maine by being able to have their house and home in a stable environment in Maine.

There are many excellent businesses here in central Maine that are often overlooked and that share our philosophy. These businesses need to be advertised as well. We would welcome and enjoy discussing with your staff what the people of Sheridan have accomplished in Maine since 1947.

Thank you.

Mitchell P. Sammons


The Sheridan Corporation

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