too flippant

I just read J.P. Devine’s flippant review of the new James Franco movie “Disaster Artist” (Dec. 27). I understand art is subjective. It is fine to not like something if based on valid reasoning, but Mr. Devine’s condescending tone is unbearable.

He clearly walked into the theater with a perceived bias and a chip on his shoulder. It is also obvious that Devine did not do his homework. Multiple times he wrote inaccurate information, including who and why the original movie, “The Room,” was made, and questioned Franco’s spot-on interpretation of real-life filmmaker Tommy Wiseau.

Even worse, he did not use any of the “560 words to make [his] editor happy” to explain the main theme of the film. The movie is about dreaming big and setting out to make it a reality. There is no guarantee that it will be successful, but you cannot fault someone for trying. This premise is so obvious that the movie practically smacks you face with it.

Next time I suggest Devine actually take the time to thoughtfully try and understand what a filmmaker is trying to say instead of attempting to make unfunny quips at the expense of others.

John Taylor


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