hate for Trump

Joe Scarborough’s recent column “A Storm is Gathering” (Dec. 30) is yet another example of the hatred and contempt that has caused so many people to disregard the mainstream media.

Trump’s “attacks” on federal judges and the news media are simply voicing a concern that judges are becoming unelected legislators, and that the media are not interested in truth, but in pushing an agenda. Trump has neither defied judges nor taken any action to suppress the media; the outrage is over the fact that he does not consider them above criticism. As for the rule of law, he seems to be the first president in a long time that does not have utter contempt for our immigration laws.

Saying that Trump claimed a moral equivalence between neo-Nazis and those who oppose them is a lie. Most Charlottesville protestors simply felt that removing those statues was an attempt to erase their ancestors from history, or to look only at their failings. That a few extremists decided to hitch themselves to this does not change that. And the counter-protestors were not all innocent, either; many were violent leftists like antifa. The real complaint against Trump is that he did not excuse violence by leftists — violence that was almost certainly tacitly allowed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s administration, as one can see if they read between the lines of a Washington Post editorial reprinted in this very paper (”Reckoning in Charlottesville,” Dec. 26).

For too long, supposedly democratic institutions like the media and the courts have actually functioned to limit policy discussion in ways that elite interests like. The real storm that is gathering is of the people forcing a discussion on topics such as immigration that have long been suppressed. Scarborough wants to continue that suppression.

Michael Jose


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