The choice of Sen. Susan Collins as “Mainer of the Year” could have read “Senator of the Year,” as her choices made a difference to all Americans (”2017 Mainer of the Year: Sen. Susan Collins,” Dec. 31).

Beyond the high-profile votes on Obamacare and taxes, she also introduced the bipartisan Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2017 (S.1730), which focuses on saving lives. With millions of mothers and children still dying each year from mostly preventable causes, this bill reforms our development assistance work to be more efficient in saving lives. Her bill has already been cosponsored by 17 other senators from both parties. No doubt she will soon cosponsor Senate Resolution 286, which supports the Global Partnership for Education in its work to insure all children in our world have an education. Both of these initiatives support the long-range work to create a more peaceful and healthy world. I want to thank Sen. Collins for making a difference for all Americans, as she works across the aisle to insure a better country and a safer world.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Washington

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