WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center students recently competed in the Local Skills Championships at the center. Students from Waterville Senior High School, Lawrence High School, Winslow High School and Messalonskee High School and Temple Academy attend the technical center.

Championship results

Collision refinishing technology: Gold, Holden Pressey, LHS; silver, Jacob Bickford, LHS; bronze, Prescott Tilton-Flood, LHS.

Collision repair technology: Gold, Ryan Plante, MHS; silver, Christian Adams, LHS; bronze, Dalton Anderson, WSHS.

Commercial baking: Gold, Tyrone Giger, WSHS; silver, Mariah Cruz, WHS; bronze, Courtney Day, LHS.

Criminal justice: Gold, Bryce Scott, LHS; silver, Michaela Huey, LHS; bronze, Jenna Ross, WHS.

Culinary arts: Gold, Damon Beck, WSHS; silver, Anthony Naborowsky, WSHS; bronze, Jordaan Grass, LHS.

Digital cinema production: Gold, Derrick Butler and Gracie Vicente, MHS; silver, Paul Maxell and Gavin Tracy, WSHS; bronze, Christian McPherson and Zach McAllister, WHS/WSHS.

Digital photography: Gold, Lucas Pelotte, WSHS; silver, Sydney Orcutt, MHS; bronze, Roslin Desiderio, MHS.

Firefighting: Gold, Christina Harvey, WSHS.

,First aid/CPR: Gold, Evan Shaw, WHS; silver, Ryan Bowman, LHS.

Information technology: Gold, Noah Morrissette, WHS; silver, Dean Simpson, MHS; bronze, Fox Gleason, WHS.

Job interview: Gold, Kiara Holbrook, WSHS; silver, Kasey Gregory, WHS; bronze, Crystal Santiago, WHS.

Job skill demonstration: Gold, Nicholas Gage, WSHS; silver, Mckinley Carignan, WSHS; bronze, Justin Huntley, WSHS.

Medical math: Gold, Annie Caron, MHS; silver, Emma Jones, WSHS; bronze, Kaylee Burbank, MHS.

Medical terminology: Gold , Annie Caron, MHS; silver, Ashley LaChance, WHS; bronze, Emma Jones, WSHS.

Mobile robotics: Gold, Gareth Belton and Hunter Dusoe, WSHS/LHS.

Nurse assisting: Gold, Abbey Prescott, MHS; silver, Kaylee Burbank, MHS; bronze, Claudia Lee, LHS.

Precision machining technology: Gold, Jacob Kershner, WHS; silver, Delsin Klein, MHS; bronze, Matthew White, LHS.

Preschool teaching assistant: Gold, Lily Foster, WSHS; silver, Cheyenne York, WHS; bronze, Marissa Carpenter, WHS.

Related technical math: Gold, Jenna Ross, WHS; silver, Gareth Belton, WSHS; bronze, Dean Simpson, MHS.

Residential wiring — level 1: Gold, Isaac Foshay, Temple; silver, Vincent Calvo, WHS; bronze, Matthew Phillips, WHS.

Residential wiring — level 2: Gold, Nicholas Veilleux, MHS; silver, Tyler Bard, LHS; bronze, Jacob Dostie, MHS.

Television (video) production: Gold, Roslin Desiderio and Molly Milligan, MHS; silver, John Marshall and Sabrina Hinkledire, WHS/WSHS; bronze, Gage Johnson and Lucas Pelotte, LHS/WSHS.

Urban search and rescue: Gold, Jacob DeRaps and Hunter Loder, WHS/LHS; silver, David Hreben and Kai McGlauflin, MHS.

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