Here’s my observation on Republicans lowering taxes. I certainly would like it to work out, unlike so many Democrats who only seem to want failure for our country. I don’t understand this mentality and never will. You don’t have to support something to want a good outcome for America.

Corporate America has now gotten what it wanted — a level playing field in a world economy. Now it’s up to them to prove they’re worthy of it. The American voters put in place a pro-business government that passed tax reform. They’ll never see it happen again if they don’t seize the opportunity and invest in their workers and our nation. Sometimes doing the right thing is also the smart thing.

Many Americans believe corporations are greedy and evil. Certainly, the CEOs of corporate America are paid in the millions. Maybe they deserve it, or maybe not. It’s really not important what others make, so I don’t really see the need for class envy. What is important is your chance for success and that you can find a job. Maybe if you’re smart enough and work hard enough you can also become as greedy and wealthy as those you envy. That is the America dream after all.

Something I’ve not heard mentioned, yet it should be considered. Liberals are always expressing their concern for our nation’s seniors. It would seem to me this tax break is going to be huge for them. The country’s primary savings is in 401(k) money, which was sheltered from taxes when it went in. When that money now comes out it will be taxed at the new lower tax rate. Do the math on that one. That’s millions of dollars in tax savings seniors will now be able to retire on. What a great Christmas gift to an aging population.

John Hopkins


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