perpetuate abuse

Gov. Paul LePage, in holding back the approved access to Narcan, once again displays his ignorance and attempt at despotism (“LePage stalls rules that would allow more access to drug that reverses overdoses,” Jan. 8).

LePage’s rational is that Narcan provides a “false sense of security that only perpetuates opioid abuse” is akin to the erroneous claims that the birth-control pill perpetuates promiscuity. His efforts to circumvent a viable health option is a personal affront to those of us personally affected by the opiate epidemic and its insidious rise.

If LePage has a sincere determination to attack opioid abuse in Maine his energy and authority would be put to better use at finding and using solutions. Instead, he perpetuates the lack of hope, opportunity, access to health care, and affordable education so painfully present in Maine, and beyond. His party has made a blatant contribution to the ever-widening economic gap and attack of the working class.

Maine has been known for its measured and thoughtful legislators. I’d like a return to those days.

Olivia Atherton


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