Camden National’s TreasuryLink designed for business customers

Camden National Bank recently launched TreasuryLink — what the bank describes “as an enhanced, comprehensive and secure online banking platform for business customers to manage and integrate the treasury process.”

The platform enables businesses to control user permissions, run customizable reports and automate alerts from any device, according to a bank news release.

Susan Giffard, senior vice president and director of treasury management, called TreasuryLink “a powerful comprehensive online portal for our business customers who seek additional controls for accounts and transactions, a streamlined user experience, and options to easily integrate with the organization’s systems,” the release said.

TreasuryLink has a customizable dashboard that can be modified to fit each organization’s priorities and policies. Available on the go, from any device, the platform comes with quick tips, user guidelines, and training by a dedicated treasury team.

Pharmacy company seeks to help patients manage medication

The Progress of Medicine, LLC is offering a new type of pharmacy service available to patients in Maine.

The company’s clinical pharmacists, including company president and board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist Dr. Thomas Frail, work together with patients and their health care providers to optimize a patient’s medications to keep them healthier longer. According to a company news release, the point of the effort is to make sure patients “are taking the least amount of medications at the lowest cost.”

This is achieved by an in-depth service called medication therapy management, which ultimately provides the patient with a medication action plan to take to his or her health care provider. The goal is “to help patients understand why the medications they are taking are important because ending up in the hospital by not taking them is almost always more expensive than taking them.” The pharmacists also work with the patient’s health care providers to inform them of alternate treatment options that might save patients money and decrease the amount of times that they take medications.

More information is available on company’s website at or by contacting Frail by phone at 560-3440 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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