stand for solar

A new year is a time for reflection and looking ahead. Last summer, my local representative, Rep. MaryAnne Kinney, R-Knox, did the right thing by voting to support solar power and to overturn the flawed Public Utilities Commission (PUC) rule. That bill ultimately failed last session, but Kinney still deserves our thanks.

Our state has dropped behind our neighboring states in solar power availability. Lack of access to solar power costs Mainers energy independence, access to clean renewable power, and solar jobs. Moreover, increasing solar accessibility helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels — the largest contributor to climate change.

The PUC rule will charge new solar customers a fee for using the electricity they create from their own solar panels. The rule will go into effect this April, but not before the Maine Legislature has another opportunity to hopefully address the worst of it.

I’m grateful that Rep. Kinney is working on behalf of me and my neighbors in Unity to oppose this rule. We must work towards a clean energy future for the health of our environment and our economy. I hope that Rep. Kinney will continue to stand for what is right for our state in the face of pressure from the governor and big utilities and maintain his/her support for any similar legislation that is proposed in the coming year.

Chelsea Vosburgh


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