I read the article concerning the upcoming reconstruction of Water Street in Hallowell and the concerns in regard to business disruption (“Reconstruction sounds sales alarms,” Jan. 8).

We see it all the time, Civic Center Drive in Augusta, the bridge in Gardner, public works necessities unduly affecting some economic sectors. Hallowell has a unique opportunity to minimize this effect. There is a right of way, “Front Street,” between the river and Water Street. This could be temporarily deeded to the Department of Transportation for improvement to a single-lane bypass to allow vehicles traveling south to access Water Street at the boat landing, with northbound traffic heading up Second Street toward Augusta, allowing two-way traffic through town and providing access to the heart of Hallowell.

The stipulations would have to be debated, but certainly would include the return of the right of way to its original condition. It seems to me that such a historic city, with such camaraderie and civic pride, could easily iron out details that would wield an amicable contract.

Jay Mooney


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