The other day I was getting out of my car in the garage with some Chinese take-out in my left hand when I lost my balance and fell facing the garage wall on my knees on a pile of empty plastic bottles in large plastic bags.

Due to this situation, my knees became unstable and I could not stand up. Fortunately I had my cellphone with me, allowing me to call my wife, who was in the house. She came to my assistance but could not lift me, so she called my neighbor Bill Kiely for help. Bill could not lift me due to my 250-pound dead-weight situation. We then called the Augusta Fire Department emergency squad.

An operator took my call and gave me instructions over the phone to ease my situation. At that time the emergency ambulance arrived and two great emergency personnel lifted me up and half-carried me into my house. They asked me if I needed hospital assistance. I told them I was OK. As I became stabilized. I thanked them for their great and wonderful help.

I would like the Augusta public to know that we have a great Fire Department emergency squad. These two men who helped me were true professionals and wonderful human beings of whom I am very proud.

By the way, I did salvage my Chinese take-out and had a great lunch.


Ralph Ardito


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