From The Wall Street Journal to Irish gambling websites, everybody is taking a guess at where Amazon will locate its new headquarters.

Amazon announced last week it had narrowed its options to 20 metro areas, nixing offers to come to Brunswick or Scarborough. But New England could still come out on top, gamblers say.

Websites like Paddy Power and Sports Betting Dime have Boston as a strong favorite to land the new headquarters. Boston is the favorite on Paddy Power, with 2/1 odds of winning (no surprise to Boston’s Irish population). That means gamblers think Boston has about a 33 percent chance of being the new headquarters.

Sports Betting Dime puts Boston’s odds at 8/1, narrowly behind the favorite, Atlanta, which is at 7/1.

The website also predicts the annual cost of housing in whatever city lands the headquarters will rise by 7.5 percent. The national average for cost of housing growth in cities is 6 percent.

For a more refined look at the field, The Wall Street Journal considered each finalist’s tech labor force, fiscal health, cost of living, college education level, cultural fit and state taxes.

The favorites: Dallas and the Washington, D.C., area. Boston was listed as a second-tier option for Amazon.

Where will the headquarters go? Your guess is as good as anybody’s.

This much is certain: It won’t be in Maine.

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