attack on president

Once again, another editorial cartoon with absolutely no merit. Political jokes have been around for a long time. Some are funny, some are not. But I’ve never seen so many uncalled-for, nasty attacks as I have this past year.

The unfair cartoon assault, on Sarah Sanders just doing her job, hits a new low (“Fake News winner,” Jan. 22). Never mind that she’s holding a trophy of our president, naked. The way this paper and the media treat her and her respect for our president just shows how much they fear her when she reports the facts and respectfully handles the feeble-minded garbage much of the press corps throws at her. The press also made spectacles of themselves as they threw mindless questions at the White House doctor — the same doctor Obama had — after the president’s physical, just hoping he had found something wrong with our 45th president. This is their M.O. and your paper had the choice to run the cartoon or not.

One would think that “the press” would like to be accurate; after all, it’s their job. But this cartoon proves that they have no respect or need for the truth. If you’re going to infer they are lying, let’s hear some real facts. In my opinion, Sarah Sanders is the best press secretary yet.

Patricia Maynard


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