demands attention

About 10 days ago there was a domestic violence murder-suicide in Temple involving Michelle and Thomas Masse. Let me just clarify that I call it domestic violence because it was an act of violence between intimate partners in their home. I worked in the domestic violence field for over 20 years, and was familiar with the aftermath of these tragedies.

These murders are, unfortunately, an opportunity to raise awareness of the epidemic of domestic violence in this country. Yet I have heard no public outcry, nor seen any candlelight vigils or other events working towards ending or at least intervening in these avoidable crimes.

What we know from the Minnesota and Quincy models of domestic violence intervention is that if you raise awareness, educate both children and the public, implement accountability, and provide support, the number of domestic violence crimes in the area decreases, including the prevalence of domestic violence murders.

If we stay silent, nothing changes. If people don’t understand the problem, it will never be addressed. I’m wondering where the leaders are, and how we as a community can stand together to end violence in the home if we are not made aware of the nature of these devastating crimes.

Ann Marie Simone


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