A Madison man was arrested twice within two days, the first time Saturday for operating beyond his license restriction by allegedly consuming alcohol, and the second time Monday for allegedly tampering with his criminal file while being booked at the jail on the first charge.

Wilfred P. Brousseau, 32, first was stopped Saturday night by Cpl. Ritchie Putnam on U.S. Route 201 in Madison, according to Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster. Brousseau was arrested on a charge of operating beyond his license restriction. He is prohibited from any consumption of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle and allegedly had been drinking, but not enough to be charged with operating under the influence, Lancaster said.

Brousseau was taken to the Somerset County Jail in East Madison.

“During the booking process, the booking officer was momentarily distracted,” Lancaster said. “Brousseau took advantage of this moment, reached across the booking desk and removed original paperwork from his assigned file folder.”

Lancaster said Brousseau was released on bail and left the jail. Two hours later, while administrative work was being processed, it was determined that paperwork was missing from Brousseau’s booking file.

“After speaking with the deputy and reviewing camera footage, Brousseau’s actions were discovered,” the sheriff said.


On Monday, after consulting with the district attorney’s office, Brousseau was arrested again, at his home in Madison, and charged with violating the conditions of his release, tampering with public records and information and falsifying physical evidence, all misdemeanor crimes.

Brousseau was released from jail the second time on $400 cash bail and is scheduled to appear April 9 in Somerset County Unified Court.

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