Gov. Paul LePage is complicit in the death of a Mainer every single day (“LePage says long-delayed opioid antidote rules don’t need his OK,” Jan. 29). The governor has publicly stated that the opioid epidemic will end when this generation of addicts is gone. He has vetoed life-saving legislation, and now is delaying access to naloxone. Our governor has clearly shown, through his own words and actions, that he willfully, with deliberation, and premeditation has withheld the naloxone from those who would be saved. This is a clear case that requires Gov. LePage be impeached, removed from office. There is blood on Gov. LePage’s hands every single day.

Attorney General Janet Mills has stated that she thinks our governor’s inaction is illegal. Well, why doesn’t she do something about it, as she holds the highest legal office in Maine?

Mills wants to be our governor but is also complicit. Her lack of action shows she clearly does not have the leadership capacity to be governor, as people are dying every single day.

Michael Grove


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