My husband and I attended the recent women’s march, and it was inspiring; 2,500 people, all gathered to strengthen participation in our democracy (“About 2,500 march for women’s rights in Augusta,” Jan. 20).

My favorite part in the March was the signs. I really liked the witty ones, such as: “Think, while it’s still legal,” “You have the Right to Remain Silent, but I Wouldn’t Recommend It,” “Babes against Bigotry,” and “Make Lying Wrong Again.”

Many were about the fact that our government is increasingly at odds with spiritual values: “Remember the Golden Rule,” “Fear and Separation are Strong, but the Truth of our Connection is Greater,” “Make America Love Again,” and “Racism is a Weapon of Mass Destruction.”

Some were about protecting our climate, imploring the Trump administration to refrain from eliminating regulations that would protect our children’s world: “Love Our Mother, There is No Plan(et) B.”

But most were about increasing involvement in our government, and women’s role in this: “Grandmothers Vote!,” “A Woman’s Place is Leading the Resistance,” “Freedom Ends the Day that We Remain Silent about Things that Matter,” “Protest is Patriotic,” “We the People Means All of Us,” and “Defend our Constitution.”

Come to the march next year. I think you’ll like it. In the meantime, save the date, Nov. 6, 2018, and vote.

Margrit Thomas


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