at minimum wage

So Republican politicians in Maine have now shown their true colors. They truly hate low-income and middle-class Mainers. After the federal government passed a sweeping tax bill that lowered business taxes from 35 percent to 21 percent, Republican politicians in Maine, including the governor, still think that businesses aren’t making enough money. So they introduced L.D. 1757. This bill will lower the minimum wage and set a seperate lower wage for people under age 21.

Apparently the tiny tax break that the low- and middle-income workers got was too much for Maine Republicans, so they have to lower the wages of hard-working Mainers.

Not only that, but Republicans think that it would be a good idea to go back to the exploitation of teens and young adults in the workplace. Remember the early 20th century when that was happening?

Businesses just got a huge tax break from the federal government. The least they could do is stop complaining about the minimum wage increase. Why not use some of the money they save to invest in the people that make their business possible — their workers!

Zachary Gimpel


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