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The revolution begins with each of us. We have a man who represents us to the world and the world shudders. We Americans remind the world that Donald Trump does not reflect what America was built and has thrived upon.

Americans watch out for each other because by doing so we make ourselves stronger. We care for one another with no concern for color, religion, culture, or gender.

Trump cares for only one segment of America; the rich, the white, mostly male (look at his cabinet) and those who do not believe in strengthening America.

Those who follow him believe he has their best interests at heart. Beware to those who believe he stands for American values. It infuriates me to see Republicans blindly following a man who doesn’t believe in equality. They shamelessly follow a immature man who tweets his feelings randomly in a day. Damaging tweets at that.

The Republicans nurture a man who tears down global leadership at the drop of a hat and looks to his own profit. The Republicans say nothing about a man who golfs more than works for America. The Republicans stand with eyes fixed ahead without emotion when the president tears down one pillar of America: freedom of the press. They have clearly forgotten this valuable check and balance; remember Watergate. The fake news Donald Trump eludes to constantly should begin with Fox News. Talk about fake news.

Jackie Fournier

Mount Vernon

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