There is no adjective that can really adequately describe the practice of female genital mutilation, so I’ll settle for this one: barbaric. If pointing out that this is a common practice going back many centuries in predominantly Muslim countries, makes me an “anti-Muslim hater,” so be it.

But your pathetic attempt to link Gov. Paul LePage with an “anti-Muslim hate group” because they both support one of the two bills concerning the banning of this barbaric practice currently making their way through the Legislature is, to put it lightly, a bit of a stretch (“Lawmakers face competing bills to criminalize female genital mutilation,” Feb. 6).

Which bring us to the entirely fair questions: why is it even necessary to have such a bill unless the practice of female genital mutilation is becoming a problem here in Maine? And why is it here? Surely it didn’t originate here. Who brought such a barbaric practice here? Does it make me a “hater” to ask that question?

Wanna talk about a “War On Women”?

Terence McManus

New Sharon

(Editor’s note: An earlier version of this letter as well as the print version incorrectly stated that Ethiopia is a predominately Muslim country. It is predominantly Christian.)

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