blocking voters’ will

Are you fed up with how so many referendums passed by the people have been blocked or repealed by politicians in Augusta? Are you upset that some politicians in Augusta are now trying hard to block the Medicaid expansion referendum just passed overwhelmingly by the people in November? Are you sick and tired of a state government that is tied in knots and fails to get important things done for the people?

Ranked-choice voting was passed by the people and blocked by the Legislature. Supporting the people’s veto referendum effort to restore ranked-choice voting is a perfect way to tell the politicians in Augusta that enough is enough. We are putting the brakes on this terrible trend of blocking the will of Maine voters.

The people’s veto effort to restore ranked-choice voting applies only to the seven elections that in no way conflict with the state constitution. It can be used, right now, for the June primary elections.

In the crowded June primaries, with so many people running for governor, without ranked-choice voting we could easily have major party nominees “winning” with just around 20 percent of the vote, or even less. The thought of that is very disturbing. The June primary is a perfect case for using ranked-choice voting, which gives us an instant-runoff process and winners with totals much closer to actual majorities, therefore much better reflecting the true will of the people.

Ranked-choice voting is simple, completely nonpartisan, and empowers us, the voters, with more voice in our elections.

Please support the people’s veto effort, and help put the brakes on the bad trend of Augusta politicians blocking referendums passed by the people of Maine.

Ron Bilancia


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