to be presidential

What does it mean to be presidential? Here is a reminder.

Imagine a scenario where in the midst of a presidential election it’s discovered that the Democratic National Committee’s computer systems was hacked. Consider the following response.

The top candidate and officials from the Republican Party meet in emergency session and then request a news conference, where the party’s nominee delivers the following statement:

“Our national intelligence services have confirmed that the DNC headquarters has been subject to a malicious cyberattack. Furthermore, there is ample evidence that the attack was perpetrated by the Russian government with implications leading up to its highest-ranking officials.

“The purpose of this attack was to gain information for the use of influencing and destabilizing our presidential election. Make no mistake about it — this action represents an egregious attempt by a hostile foreign government to interfere in a process that is fundamental to our nation, our freedom, and our American way of life. We wish to join with our Democratic colleagues in the condemnation of this criminal act, and to give our full and determined support for a comprehensive investigation into this incident.


“Let me be unambiguously clear — any attack on our electoral process is an attack on us all. I firmly believe that these actions by the Russian government represent a clear and present danger to our nation and I call upon all of us to come together as Americans as we investigate what happened, how it happened, and what measures must be taken to prevent any further attacks on one of our most vital institutions.”

This would have been a display of demeanor worthy of a president. How different things could have been. What did we get instead? Well, you know.

Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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