Monmouth Academy recently announced the following students were named to its first-semester honor roll of the 2017-18 academic year.

Seniors — Summa cum laude: Abbey Allen, Madalyn Amero, Hannah Anderson, Ann Bragdon, Paige Burnham, Emily Chasse, Tia Day, Christopher Dumont, Matthew Fox, Dylan Goff, Emily Grandahl, Abigail Hunt, Rebecca Jordan, Megan Knowles, Brittany Nadeau, Danielle Parker, Robert Pettengill, Devon Poisson, Avery Pomerleau, Cody Roy, Elliot Sharples, Rico Snowman and Emma Vierling.

Magna cum laude: Joshua Clukey, Adam Fortin, Andrew Reny and Marisa Rioux.

Cum laude: Devin Allen, Andrew Blundon, Moira Burgess, Wade Coulombe, Mason Dann, Nicholas Dovinsky, Mahala Hayden, Joshua Kenney and Sarah Scott.

Juniors — Summa cum laude: Benjamin Brooks, Kayla Brooks, Morgan Crocker, Abby Ferland, Trevor Flanagan, Luke Martin, Nim Settasin and Grace Therriault.

Magna cum laude: Destiny Clough, Kyle Gunnells, Caitlyn Kenney and John McCabe.


Cum laude: Brianna Bentley, Olivia Caron, Jillian Harris, Elizabeth Mason, Spencer Richardson, McKenzie Stevens and Jessica Withee.

Sophomores — Summa cum laude: Libby Clement, Amber Currie, Jordyn Gowell, Natalie Grandahl, Katherine Harris, Campbell Houston, Hannah Levesque and Edmund Zuis.

Magna cum laude: BrieAnna Bates, McKenzie Boucher, Caitlin Cram, Elyse Homer, Kaitlin Hunt, Kathryn Jordan, Rowan Larrabee, Delaney Willey and Madison Wright.

Cum laude: Brock Bates, Deanna Bauer, Kyzer Card, Nicholas Deblois, Logan Farr, Matthew Fortin, Lydia Handley, Annalyse Lewis, Gabriel Martin, Thomas Neal and Cameron Pelletier.

Freshmen — Summa cum laude: Alicen Burnham, Abby Flanagan and Rhayna Poulin.

Magna cum laude: Chloe Dwinal, Delaney Houston, Emma Johnson, Sophie Jones, Stella Libby, Hayden Luce, Lydia Roy, Mya Sirois and Grace Vierling.

Cum laude: Amaya Bauer, Autumn Blundon, Joseph Crocker, Michael Dolan, Clarissa Estrada, Alex Fox, Erin Gosselin, Joseph Guimond, Jason Kulinski, Jared Martin, Brooke Rooney, Madison Sharples and Taylor Whalen.

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