WILTON — A local man was charged Wednesday in connection with the damage done to an ice shack on Wilson Pond last week, Maine Warden Kris MacCabe said Thursday.

The man was issued a summons on a charge of driving to endanger, he said. He declined at this time to release the man’s name because of the continuing investigation.

It was an incident of joy-riding on the ice, he said. The man is scheduled to appear in March at a Franklin County court in Farmington.

The ice shack belonging to Marc Willett of Chesterville was damaged either very late Feb. 8 or very early Feb. 9, MacCabe said.

It appears the reports in the newspaper about the damage led to people coming forward to give information, he said.

“Kudos to the people for coming forward. Otherwise it would have been difficult to locate the subject,” MacCabe said, and find out how it happened.

The shack’s owner, Willett, said Thursday, “I’m very grateful for all of the public support, and for everyone who came forward and was willing to provide information. I never would have found out who did this if it wasn’t for that. We went through a great deal of work to track this down. I wish the person who did this would have just come forward versus making us track him down.”

Evidence had suggested that a vehicle knocked the shack off its blocks, sending it about 25 feet across the ice. It suffered a lot of structural damage, and a microwave, a lantern and a heater inside were broken, Willett said Monday.

Tire tracks indicated that the vehicle came onto the ice from the back side of the pond, and that the driver hit the brakes and spun the vehicle around.

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