I recently attended a girls’ varsity basketball game between Winthrop and Richmond high schools at the Winthrop gymnasium. My companions and I were seated directly behind the Richmond bench. Throughout the game, whenever Winthrop had possession of the basketball, the Richmond bench, including the coaches, clapped their hands loudly and in unison. Since I doubt they were applauding the Winthrop players, I can only assume this is a tactic employed by Richmond to distract and disrupt the opposition. Does this kind of activity pass for sportsmanlike behavior these days? I sincerely hope not.

As the Winthrop announcer says before the start of every game, “Let the players play, the coaches coach, and the officials officiate.” I would never presume to tell the Richmond team how to behave in their house, but when you are in our house, I wish you would follow our lead in terms of decorum.

Barbara Hamblin


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