WALES — Oak Hill High School has announced the following students were named to its first-semester honor roll for the 2017-18 academic year.

Seniors — High honors: Michaela Gervais, Rylea-Mae Swan and Kiera-Caley Young.

Honors: Julia Ahlberg, Tye Ashe, Katie Courser, Anna Dodge, Sydney Drew, Cody Edwards, Olivia Fallon, Lauren Garand, Mckenzie Gervais, Alexandra Hall, Alexis Harris, Rachael Howard, Deja Miller, Francesca Natali, Morgan Nelson, Ryan Perkins, Nelson Peterson III, Kaitlyn Ridley, Maegan Sheehy, Lindsey Weeks and Shelby Wood.

Juniors — High honors: Alexis Faucher, James Greenwood, Miranda Kramer, Alani Lindsay, Jade Sturtevant and Sadie Waterman.

Honors: Isaac Austin, Ethan Barnett, Gabriel Bergeron, Catherine Daigle, Andrew Day, Casey Dion, Delaina Ferrell, Dalton Gendron, Haley Gunn, Jennifer Hall, Alexis Hilliard, Adam Lapointe, Rachel Lovell, Sandy Mann, Jayson Martin, Xavier Michaud, Sara Moring, Abigail Nadeau, Shyann Pessant, Ethan Richard and Mahala-Dineh Smith.

Sophomores — High honors: Morgan Inman.

Honors: Bryce Allaire, Hailey Bean, Beryl Bell, Kathryn Blais, Daisy Cole, Macie Fletcher, Joseph Fuller, Mykayla Greenleaf, Josie Hackett, Caitlyn Hamilton, Nathan Marcotte, Isabelle Michaud, Ethan Mousseau, Julia Noel, Connor Pickett, Emily Plourde, Magdolyn Ryder, Garret Skehan, Kyle Stilkey, Angela Strout, Levi Sturtevant, Caleb Valliere, Kayla Walker, Grace Woodard and Peyton Wright.

Freshmen — Honors: Audrey Bauer, Anna Beach, James Borkowski Jr., Kylie Brown, Taylor Bubier, Autumn Chadburn, Casey Daigle, Owen Desmarais, Audrey Dillman, Brandon Drake, Brynn Emond, Michaella Henry, Ryan Jipson II, Naomi Obenhaus, Gavin Rawstron, Collin Remillard, Dominick Spencer, Christian St. Hilaire, Brooklyn Stanley, Jonathan Stinson, Adelle Surette, Alana Verrill and Riley Worth.

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