The “improvements” to the Route 202 and Main Street intersection in Winthrop are a disaster. I have used the intersection on several occasions and cringe at the thought of passing through it again. I have family members in Winthrop who refuse to use it. I’m surprised that the Department of Transportation would approve and construct such an intersection and call it an improvement.

A few years ago, on Route 126 at the intersection with Route 95 and the rest stop in West Gardiner, one of the highest accident rates in the state, a rotary or roundabout was constructed — I was never really sure what the difference is.

Traveling that road frequently, I believed at the time it was a horrible idea. Since its completion, I now recognize it’s a solution that could work well for any busy and dangerous intersection.

It slows traffic as it should, but no one is ever stopped for a extended period of time. It works very well. I have not seen or heard of any accidents there since its completion and it sure is a lot more comfortable driving through that area. There is enough space in Winthrop to do the same.

Cal Brown


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