I am so vexed that I can’t get any kind of a well-reasoned response from Penquis, KVCAP, and whomever they contract for transportation services. How do inept companies like these remain in business with such unprofessional conduct?

My wife and I have, on several occasions, had to let them know that we live on Baker Road in Windsor, not Baker Lane in Augusta. Yet they persist in going to the wrong address and portray it as if it’s our fault.

Either they give you some canned answer or just blow you off completely. My wife recently had the dispatcher hang up on her after we questionedwhere the driver was, and this after being unprofessional and rude to my wife. This is common behavior throughout; no one wants to take responsibility and solve this perplexing and unnecessary problem.

To begin, my daughter requires someone to transport her to a program in Gardiner, as she does not drive and her mother and I work. The transportation service routinely fails to pick her up on time, which prevents her attending the programs she needs, or they fail to show up at all. You cannot get anyone to offer a rationale for this daily experience.

To my way of thinking it is a form of theft. Theft of services. Theft of time. And theft perhaps from the state of Maine and the federal government.

Someone would be well advised to look into this, perhaps a local legislator, because I am 100 percent sure ours experience is not an isolated one.

Charles Ferguson


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