After the Republican tax plan was passed, many liberals and progressives were screaming that it was a bad deal. I’m a member of the lower middle class. I have a wife and two kids. I failed to see how getting more money in my paycheck and more money back at tax time was a bad deal for my family.

One of the biggest complaints was that the tax plan was going to significantly increase our national debt. Of course it would. If our government is not taking in as much in taxes and still spending the same, naturally, the debt will grow. The solution to this seemed straightforward: make cuts to spending. What good are tax cuts without spending cuts as well?

A balanced budget would please both Democrats and Republicans, right? The Democrats would no longer have reason to whine about the tax plan. The Republicans would prove that they truly want to reduce big government spending. But, wait, what happened? They all fell silent. Well, almost all of them did. Thankfully, we have a few logical voices still serving in the Senate.

Notably, Sen. Rand Paul stood tall and called both parties out for their hypocrisy. Sadly, it was not enough. Where were Angus King and Susan Collins during this? They kept quiet and subservient to the machine. Business as usual.

We need more Rand Pauls in the Senate. And we have a chance to do just that. This year, state Sen. Eric Brakey is running for U.S. Senate against King. Brakey is endorsed by both Rand Paul and his father, Ron Paul. Brakey is a libertarian-leaning Republican that would truly represent the interests of Mainers and the future of our country. It’s time to shrink big government once and for all. Vote Brakey in 2018.

Ryan Fairfield


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