We thank the owners of the newspaper for the free tickets given to my wife and I to view the movie “The Post.” We were not alone in receiving tickets, judging from the crowd.

Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep were both superb, as we expected. However, this is a story yet untold, to my knowledge, about the struggles primarily of The Washington Post newspaper owner and her manager. Their difficulty was whether to publish the Pentagon Papers given them discreetly by the leaker, Daniel Ellsberg.

The Pentagon Papers, as most people know, dealth with the dishonesty of several presidents climaxing during the Vietnam War. Thank God, first of all, for Ellsberg’s bravery, The Washington Post next as well as The New York Times for publishing the truth of it all. The governed deserve knowing no less.

The timing of the factual story cannot have been better because it is apparent that our present leader has not learned anything from history. Our democracy is definitely at risk, with unprecedented attacks on our free press and other checks and balances our democracy is made up of, without which it would not survive.

Paul O. Sylvain


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