I had an amazing experience Feb. 13. I stopped into the gift shop at MaineGeneral in Augusta after an appointment. I was looking for a gift for a friend of mine who was getting married the next day. I found these beautiful heart-shaped earrings made with Swarovski crystal. They were beautiful, but I didn’t have enough money. I spoke aloud to the sales person saying something I often say: “I wish I had plenty of money so I could buy my friends anything I want to give them.” I added: “My friend is getting married tomorrow and these would be perfect.”

Anyway, I left them and went looking for something else. After I was almost done looking, a woman shopper — someone I’d never seen before — handed me a small bag and said, “This is for your friend who’s getting married tomorrow.”

My mouth opened wide but no words would come out and tears began forming; I finally was able to say thank you to her and I know she saw and heard my heartfelt gratitude as I spoke with a bit of a crackly, almost tearful voice.

I do not know who she is, but I wish she could know when I told this beautiful story to my bride-to-be friend and gave her the earrings she cried with deep heartfelt and joyful tears.

Thanks so much to the lady who was at the gift shop. You made a whole lot of people happy and touched a special place in all our hearts.

I am sharing this because I want our society to feel hopeful. Maybe someone reading this will decide to touch others with kindness and compassion and spread more beautiful joy.

Cindy Dow


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