As a mother with two preschool daughters who will soon be starting public school, I worry I will one day be the parent crying on the news. Without comprehensive legislation enacted immediately, you cannot promise me that it will not happen to my family, in our community. I was hopeful after the devastation in Newtown, Connecticut, common-sense legislation would be created. I was wrong; those babies lives were not worth losing campaign funding.

I am not anti-gun; I actually have guns in my home. But I am interested in a real debate about ways we can create smart gun regulations that could help some of these obviously troubled people from getting them so easily. It is my understanding that this young man who has inflicted so much loss and pain in Florida had been reported to social services, local police and the FBI. Unfortunately, he was able to purchase a weapon he would use to kill 17 students and teachers. He will now spend the rest of his life in the only mental health system we have — prison.

We hear the same rhetoric of prayers and sorrow from our lawmakers and they offer nothing more — no conversation, no proposals, no bills, no legislation. It is our turn to demand our legislators do their job and work together to come up with real solutions. Inaction is not an option.

Michelle King

West Gardiner

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