Breaking news highlights the failures of our child welfare system from Maine to Florida. One of the clearest failures is our inability to intervene early. The result? Seventeen dead in Florida, two in Maine.

Do the senior managers in Maine’s child welfare program have the expected degrees and experience necessary to run an evidence-based system? The decision in relation to funding (or the lack thereof) of Community Partnership for Protecting Children gives cause to wonder.

The providers and advocates are right when they say there is no comparison between child abuse councils and the CPPC. It is beyond amazing that DHHS does not know that. Child abuse councils are tiny. Their primary activity is in public awareness.

Why would DHHS not know this? This glaring lack of understanding suggests the need for a comprehensive review. The last one was in 1976.

The Legislature and the governor bear equal responsibility. This latest revelation is not unexpected. What would be unexpected is if both made this the priority it should be, beginning with an honest and in-depth external review.

I have more chance of a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Dean Crocker

Manchester and Estero, Florida

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